Growing Citrus Indoors

What's Wrong with Your Citrus? Improved Meyer Lemon
Does your tree look sickly? Find out what's wrong, click here.
Choose the Right Citrus Variety
Not all varieties do well as houseplants. Check out the best citrus varieties to grow indoors.
When to Fertilize 
Containerized citrus trees need a regularly scheduled fertilizer program to grow and produce well. See details.
When to Transplant   Improved Meyer Lemon
If your citrus tree show signs of stagnation despite fertilizer, it may need rootpruning. See details. The Meyer lemon is an excellent citrus to grow indoors. Its ornamental beauty, container adaptability, and flavorful fruit makes it very popular among indoor growers.
How Much Light? Citrus Topics
An unobstructed southern exposure offers the most direct sun. If your citrus tree receives less than 5 hours of sunlight a day, a supplemental light source is needed to obtain maximum growth and fruiting. See details. Citrus Update | My Citrus Story | Buying a Citrus Tree | Planting Watering | Fertilizing | Light | Temperature/Humidity
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